Friday, June 18, 2010

Custom Motorcycle Helmet

A couple of friends had motorcycles in college many, many years ago, and offering to take me riding one day. It was my first time and I immediately fell in love with the freedom and exhilaration that come from cruising on the open road. I've been riding ever since, and now have both street bikes and dirt bikes in my garage.

This is what I gladly spend all my extra money on, because no other hobby or pastime can even come close to being as exciting. In addition to the bikes themselves, I also have a bunch of accessories and riding gear -- including several custom motorcycle helmets that I'm very proud of.

I take safety very seriously when I'm out on my bike. Sure, I might nudge my machine a click or two over the speed limit, but I would never dream of going for a ride without putting on a helmet first. When I was just starting out, I simply purchased a helmet off the rack at my local dealer. But once I saw a bunch of other riders sporting custom motorcycle helmets with incredible paint jobs, I decided to save up for one of my own.

Obviously it takes a bit more work and money to buy custom motorcycle helmets. The first thing you have to do is find someone that can handle the job. Since I already knew some people with customized lids, all I had to do was ask where to go. Turns out the guy didn't do his own drawings, so I had to find an artist to do a couple of sketches of the design I wanted. After that, I brought it back to the painter, along with a plain helmet, and watched him go to work. The results were amazing, so I've been going to the same person ever since.

In order to find custom motorcycle helmets in your area, you're going to have to ask around like I did -- or perhaps run some searches for nearby businesses on the internet. I know there are a lot of people out there that run full-service dealerships, which includes all kinds of painting and detail work. It will just take some extra legwork to find one close enough to handle your business. Alternatively, you could place an online order for your custom motorcycle helmets over the internet. All artwork can be scanned and submitted electronically, and then you'd just have to sit back and wait for the finished product to be shipped to you.

Of course it's not necessary to have custom motorcycle helmets to enjoy your ride, but they just look so much better than the factory stuff that you'll never want to go back. I love letting a little bit more of my personality shine through my helmet paint job, so I'll continue getting customized artwork done from here on out.

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